Oil Paintings on cereal box packaging, created in 2019. Each painting measures 24 x 19cms.

I’m not sure why I started making paintings of washing machines, hoovers and toilet rolls! It was around a year ago, I was working full time and there wasn’t much opportunity for my art practice. I wondered if my brain was too full of ‘stuff’ to create anything meaningful. When I finally got some time to paint, all I could cope with was painting a picture of a nearby pile of washing.

As time goes on and politics becomes increasingly chaotic and unsettling I have found the domestic routines and the mundanity of everyday life to be a sanctuary. There is something humorous and surreal about our everyday rituals and I want to continue to explore this. While focusing on the framework of our family life and on the things I hold dear, it began to occur to me that these are not painted out of frustration but painted with love. Perhaps this conscious retreat from political subject matter in my art is political in itself. The home, human relationships and our domestic routines underpin everything and in a way it's those things that we are fighting for.

Bins out the back SOLD

Sink life


Stuff on the carpet

Who didn’t put the toilet roll on the toilet roll holder SOLD


Kitchen sink




It feels like ages since I’ve properly listened to The Jesus & Mary Chain

Hello again you two

Food bin

It’s hoover time

It’s hoover time

Breathtaking views from the sofa today

Last Wednesday

Last Wednesday