Monks Road Social

A new release by Monks Road Records featuring my artwork on the cover. This is a 7” AA vinyl featuring Dr Robert and Pat Dam Smyth, the first in a series taken from the forthcoming Monks Road Social LP.

it’s very exciting to see the paintings I made now on the cover of these 7” records!

Monks Road Social.png


We were invited to be artists in residence at Dulwich College during Dulwich Political week, Twinkle Troughton and I ran a workshop for the students called 'Homes and Dreams'.  We created a 'street' full of protest banners and signs, using street finds, wood and cardboard. 

The students created some amazing artwork! We were so impressed.


'Priced Out' is now in the library at Dulwich College, thanks to the amazing Director of Art & Design - Sue Mulholland. I was invited to do a talk for the students about the book today, followed by a Q&A and book signing. The old masters library is an incredible room filled with dusty leather bound books from floor to ceiling, I was not expecting Priced Out to end up here!

Priced Out was published by Dunlin Press



Earlier this year I was approached by Dr. Robert from The Blow Monkeys, he wanted to know whether I would be interested in creating the artwork for their forthcoming album.  Of course I said yes! (I've always wanted to create artwork for an album cover).

Wild River_COVER.jpg

The album will be released on vinyl on October 7th, with a launch night at the 100 Club in London to celebrate. It's out on Monks Road Records.

I haven't seen the actual vinyl yet, but I got a sneak preview of the proofs which was very exciting!

Wild River_Gatefold.jpg
inside sleeve cd.jpg
Wild River Vinyl Labels-1.jpg

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who came to the book launch, thank you to Atom Gallery for hosting it! Thank you to everyone who bought books and postcards, and listened and helped us to celebrate the launch of Priced Out. And the biggest thanks to Dunlin Press who were the most supportive publishers I could ever have had the privilege to work with.

Booze was drank and the gallery was filled with talented, interesting people, it was a lovely evening and one of my last nights in London as an official London resident in the city. A few days after the book launch we set out on a new adventure, leaving our home of nearly 20 years to move to Glasgow.

Priced Out

Back in 2016, independent publishers Dunlin Press approached me to ask if I would like to create a book with them.  Priced Out is my debut book and it tells the story of my life as an artist in London, and how and why I started making artwork about the crisis in London housing.

"Priced Out is a personal and powerful look at the declining state of housing in the capital through the eyes of an artist.  It traces the high rises in cost of rented accommodation, the spiraling property prices, and skewers the reasons why artists, who contribute - like so many others - so much to the character, wellbeing and uniqueness of London life, are being priced out of the city."

Dunlin Press

The book will be launched at Atom Gallery, 127 Green Lanes, London N16 on 3 August 2017, 6-9pm.


Diaries of the Domestic

My daughter Joni was born on 3 November 2016, later that week Donald Trump was elected as President of the U.S.A.   Shocked and in disbelief, I found it hard to process the news. All of a sudden the ideas I had for my next art project didn’t seem to be urging me on with quite as much force anymore.

The enormity of the Trump thing is terrifying, it is like a permanent heartache, a niggling worry, I go about my daily life and occasionally I forget, but it always comes back. I’m not ready to make any work about it yet, perhaps I never will. But the arrival of Trump, combined with the arrival of Joni have somehow meant that I am not ready to make the work I had planned to make during my maternity leave.

I’ve always got a billion ideas buzzing around in my mind, the installation I want to make, the 25 colour screen print that I can visualize layer by layer, the T-shirt project! The series of paintings.  But they all need money, and they all need time.

The arrival of baby Joni has brought so much joy, the days are filled with precious and magical moments, but each day and week is also filled with frustration, repetition and tiredness.  Whilst having a rare moment to sit down with a cup of tea, in amongst piles of laundry, in between feeds and after multiple nappy changes, I find myself staring at instagram accounts of artists, consumed by an overwhelming feeling of wanting to paint. Daydreaming about the unknown future point in time when I can make that installation, and finally finish that painting series that I’ve been planning for so long.

So I started painting with what I had, limited resources and limited time.  Objects from around the home, painted quickly - 30 minutes here, 30 minutes there. Whilst Joni sleeps.  I painted the washing hanging on the clothes rail, the bouncy chair (the pram in the hallway?!).

I’m not sure yet what these paintings are, or what they are leading to.  My artwork is usually an expression of my emotions, thoughts and opinions, it often comments on social injustice. During a time of political turmoil, these paintings don’t do that! But at least I am painting, and they are documenting a most precious and frustrating moment in time.

#domesticity #painting #motherhood #frustration #joy #wishing #hoping #daydreaming #longing 


It's Finished!

I have been working on a commissioned painting for a record label since September, and today I finally finished it! Monks Road Records will launch in Spring next year, it is an independent label which will specialise in vinyl and analogue.  

I was asked to create a mythical Monks Road, a place filled with a community of artists and musicians. I created a composition based on a mixture of familiar architecture in East London, terraced houses in Stepney, 1960s council blocks, Victorian shops with flats above...The painting is 2m x 1.5m and at the moment it is waiting to be shipped to the label headquarters in the New year.

Exhibition opening this Friday 2 December

Some of my screenprints will be on display at the launch exhibition for Atom Gallery's new premises this Friday.  

'Excited State' is an exhibition of contemporary screenprints, linocuts and letterpress by 23 artists.  Everything in the show is for sale, I will be selling some screenprints on paper which were made for Dismaland but weren't shown.  Could they be the perfect house warming gift? Or a nice christmas pressie?! Priced at £125 each, they are 2-3 colours, low editions, and each one has a hand painted element. 10% of any of my sales will be going to the housing charity, Shelter.

Private view: Friday 2 December 6-9pm

Atom Gallery: 127, Green Lanes, N16 9DA

New Painting

'Studio Flat in Kings Cross' oil on board, 41 x 65 cms. This piece is based on an image of a flat which was advertised online for £737pcm, and rented within half a day.  All the essentials for a 'Studio Flat' were shoved into this tiny space, there was barely enough room to open the kitchen cupboards without the bed blocking them, I'm not sure how anyone would cook in there! The advert quickly went viral, with thousands of people sharing it in disbelief.  The sad thing is that many flats like this rent in a similar amount of time, such is the shortage of decent housing, people will take what is available at an inflated cost, and many (but not all) landlords continue to exploit this situation in London.

Flat in Kings Cross_2016_website.jpg


I've been busy in the studio working on a commission, the painting is for a record label which will launch in 2017.  I've been creating a mythical street landscape which is based on the architecture of East London that I've come to love and know so well.  

I took my camera out for the day and wandered the streets, photographing shop fronts and the flats above them in Shoreditch, high rise council blocks, little terraced houses in Stepney.  Having this commission to work on has been a nice change from my own projects, something entirely different to focus on.

I will have more info to share about this commission and the record label soon, plus an image of a finished painting!

Interview for London 360/London Live

This week I was interviewed in my studio by London 360, they are working on a series called 'Undercover London' for London Live, and the first episode will be on housing.  

I talked about the work I have been making in response to the issues surrounding housing in London.  The programme will be broadcast on London Live in September.

Thank you to Ony Anukem, Carissa Jumu and Tobi Agbaje.