Tinsel & Twinkle present ‘Love Your Freedom of Movement’

Art Car Boot Fair 2019 (This years theme is LOVE!) 23 June 1-6pm

Cubitt Square, Stable Street, Kings Cross, N1C 4BT


At the Art Car Boot Fair 2019, Twinkle and Tinsel want to celebrate and shout from the rooftops about our Freedom of Movement.

Our Freedom of Movement is under attack. One of our citizens rights is dangerously close to being removed from us. And once it has been taken away, it will be difficult to get back. Freedoms are hard won and easy lost.

Our Freedom of Movement enables us to live, love and work in 27 other countries. It gives opportunities to people from all works of life, from bar staff to barristers, from truck drivers to scientists to live and work in the EU countries regardless of your wealth or status. 

It enables musicians and artists to cross borders without visa fees and charges for the work they do. It enables students to apply to universities in any one of the EU countries to study with the same rights as nationals. And more recently the EU announced free train travel around Europe for all 18-year olds. 

Our Freedom of Movement even allows us to retire in the sunshine, whilst sipping sangria in Spain! 

Our Freedom of Movement is reciprocal right. We must never underestimate the invaluable contribution to UK society from other EU citizens who have chosen the UK as their home. Doctors, nurses, fruit pickers, teachers, shop keepers, the list is endless as is our appreciation of them. So, we want to ask, why would we want to lose this right? Answer: WE DON’T!

Come and see Twinkle and Tinsel at the Art Car Boot Fair for your very own protest art championing this precious citizens’ right.